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Egypt’s parliament reconvenes

Egypt’s parliament reconvenes Egypt has not been a peaceful country for a few months now.  The change in presidency has created plenty of trouble, but now there has been news.  An announcement made on Tuesday stated that the court judgment has overturned a military order that was issued a month ago.  This move could create a showdown with the army.  Political uncertainty has NATO and its allies wondering what might happen next.  It is certainly not a place of US military moves, but you can bet that the US is keeping an eye on the current situation in Egypt, along with other NATO allies.

President Mursi said that he would recall parliament and hold an election after a constitution is in place.  This means that the parliament will not serve a four-year term.  It could create yet another power struggle, which would take years to solve.  The current situation is also making it hard for the president to stabilize the economy and the country.  A military move by Egyptian forces has not been made since the army has been ordered to dissolve, but this does not mean factions will not spin off.

Other countries will have to wait and hope that the country and its current moves will work themselves out.  As of yet there have been no moves requesting aid from other countries, even in terms of food supplies.  It seems that the new president is trying hard to retain what power he has to make an impression that stability will happen under his leadership.

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