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Drug cartels amp up in Mexico

Drug cartels amp up in MexicoUS military may be needed along the US-Mexico border if the fight between two drug cartels continues to escalate.  While it is not thought that the latest killings are US migrants or US citizens, the possibilities cannot be ruled out.  Forty-nine bodies were found on the northern Mexico Highway, about 75 miles from the Texas border.  It is a cause for concern as this is not the first time bodies have been left.  It is the worst of the cases based on the number of bodies, their condition, and the fact that a pool of blood was left at the entrance to San Juan, a town along the highway.

The US military may need to move into Texas along the border for better protection if the drug cartels continue.  It would at least make residents of the US feel more secure, considering that less than two hours away there were 49 headless bodies.  Six of the bodies were women.  The two drug cartels have been escalating in fights more recently, as several of the smaller cartels are removed through President Felipe Calderon’s six-year term.  Now the two left are battling for the northern border, which puts states on that border close to the numerous fights.  In Arizona there is already a base about two hours from the border, which may make some residents feel more comfortable.  Still, there are some definite concerns over the battle being waged between the two cartels and how close it is to the US.

Lance Grooms

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