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Decluttering – What Sort of Things Should You Get Rid Of?

DeclutterDecluttering is an important part of the process when you are preparing your home for a move. There are plenty of things that you have in your home that you will not want to take with you, and unless you make a real effort to declutter as you go along you will find that you need to allow quite a bit of time in the process for this.

What sort of things should you be getting rid of? If you have children, consider their toys. Children outgrow their toys all the time. Sort through and work out what they actually play with and then divide the rest into two groups. One group should be items that are in good working order and can be passed on to other people or to a thrift store, and the second group is the items that are broken or incomplete and need to be thrown away. There is no point paying the moving company to move things that are broken.

Consider your own possessions. If you are an avid reader then you may find that you do not like the idea of getting rid of any of your books; however, if you look carefully at your book shelves you will find books that you have never read, books you have tried to read but just couldn’t get into, books you did read but did not enjoy, and books you have no intention of reading again. Think of it as making room for the new books you can buy after the move.


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