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Deciding when to move

Moving your homeBefore you make a decision about the date on which you would like to move, there are a number of questions that you should strive to answer.  These questions essentially make up a form of checklist and ensure that you do not accidentally overlook any vital considerations, such as school timelines, a rental lease, or job start dates.

School dates can be flexible, particularly if your children are still currently in grade school; however, it can be emotionally difficult for children to adjust when they move in the middle of the school year.  There is less flexibility if your children are in high school, as they cannot afford to get behind with their work; however, if the new school’s curriculum is not too different to their old school then a move in the middle of the year could be managed without too much disruption.

If you are renting your current home, your flexibility to move could be limited by a lease agreement.  If you have signed a lease recently then you should check the stipulations regarding moving, as a lot of landlords will have insisted upon at least one month’s notice.  It is vital to check your agreement’s fine print to avoid losing your deposit or facing any other penalties.

If you are about to start a new job with a defined commencement date, things can become tricky when you add a sale date or rental agreement into the mix.  Your new employer might be willing to flexible on your start date; if not, this needs to take priority over anything else.

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