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Corporate executives gaining relocation help

Corporate executives gaining relocation helpAbout 44% of corporate executives surveyed in a recent study stated that they have been given help with office moves.  The help has come from relocation packages to get them and their families from the old headquarters to the new city headquarters.  Around 360 executives were included in the survey.  About 26% stated that their company would be moving in 2012 and they will have help from company packages to make the move successfully.  About 86% of companies stated that they would spend more or the same amount as they did in 2011 on relocating employees.

This is good news, since business relocation out of the city to an entirely new city and state can be expensive for employees.  Any employee thinking of keeping their job and moving with the office has to consider their mortgage, the cost of the move, and their family.  A relocation package helps to make things a little easier on many that have been given the opportunity to move.

Also, those who were polled in the survey stated that they would use professional movers to ensure their move would go smoothly with the business relocation.  It is imperative that a move run smoothly because the stress of getting not only their household moved but also the entire company moved can also be huge.  The packages being offered by companies this year certainly help employees to keep their jobs, especially executive employees.  With an office move there can be a lot of details that need to be considered.

Jon Huser

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