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Combining Job Searching with Moving

Job Searching Moving HouseSo, you are getting ready to move and you aren’t relocating for your job.  That means that you definitely need to look for a new job in the area where you plan to move.  Searching for a job, especially in today’s economy, can be quite a challenge equipped with its own stresses.  Combined with the stresses of a long distance move, the whole experience can be nothing short of a nightmare.

Getting started early is one of the best ways to handle combining the job search and a long distance move. Here are some ways to make the situation a little easier to handle:

  • Talk to the human resources department at your current employer.  Perhaps they have another branch or location in the area you plan to move.  You may be able to relocate within the company.
  • Talk to your employer about the possibility of telecommuting after you move.
  • If the company you work for doesn’t have another branch, prepare your resume.  Hiring a resume company is a great way to do this, though resume writing software will also work.  The key is for the resume to be professional.
  • Check out the Internet to find employment opportunities in your new area.
  • Check the employment section in the local papers in your new area.  You can also check their classifieds online in many cases.
  • Look at the Better Business Bureau’s website and check up on any companies that match your specialization.

– Lance Grooms

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