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Cities to live in as a single mom

Places for a single mom to liveSingle moms can have a hard time making a living.  There can be issues of debt and income while taking care of a child or two.  The need to make long-term goals for these children, such as getting them into college, is important to single moms just like any parent.

Living in a location that has a high cost of living can make it more difficult for single moms to save up and help their children with basic expenses.  When the rental cost for an apartment is $700 plus for a one bedroom, on income of $1,400 to $2,400 a single mom really cannot survive.  Anyone in this situation might want to consider relocating to cities that have a better cost of living.  There are some cities that will offer better living options, such as those in Montana.  Bozeman is a college town in a state that has a low population.  Given the small population and the college aspect, Bozeman has a lower cost of living and affordable rental apartments and homes than a state such as Colorado, where you will pay at least $800 for a one bedroom in a good neighborhood around Denver or Aurora.

Moving to a state that has a small college town with a small population can usually mean relocating to a place with a better cost of living.  North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Montana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and several other states have a better cost of living than a place such as California, Florida or New York.

 Jon Huser

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