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Churches gather to help families in need

Churches gather to help families in needLent is a time when Christians and other religious individuals tend to give up something precious to them and also celebrate the rebirth of Christ.  A few religious organizations are treating this Lent a little differently than in the past.  Some of the churches are campaigning for Wall Street banks to repent over the mortgage issue of the past five years.  They are asking for the banks to focus on the families in need by helping them with their mortgage situation.  In some instances, churches are even helping families that need to move long distances for jobs or new homes.

One congregation was taking the church’s money from the bank in an attempt to help local banks over the big banks.  This support of local banks can also lead to local help with a move, whether it is for a family’s needs or an office move for a struggling business.  It seems the theme of this Lent is to help those with money if necessary, but more importantly to get families into new homes by providing laborers to help these families move.

It is also a campaign against the big banks for causing such a mortgage crisis.  Churches are hoping the stand they have taken will help in the future and now, with some of the families that are suffering from foreclosures and other situations having to cope with poor mortgages given by banks.  Even the churches have admitted that they suffer from banking issues.

Jon Huser

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