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Choosing a Neighborhood in Los Angeles

Living in Los AngelesLos Angeles is one of the most popular cities in the United States for relocation, but how do you go about actually choosing a neighborhood in the City of Angels?  Just as you would do with any other city you would move to, there are things to consider when selecting a neighborhood in LA.  Here are some ideas of what to look for in Los Angeles neighborhoods before you relocate there.

  • There is often limited parking, so what is the parking situation?  If you are moving from a big city, you’ve probably already thought of that.  If not, this is definitely something to consider.
  • Check the neighborhood out after dark before you decide to move.  Some neighborhoods seem fine during the day but can turn sketchy at night.  If you don’t feel safe, you probably don’t move there.
  • Do you have kids?  If so, check out the public and private schools in the area.  Do they rank well?  Often, parents select a given neighborhood based on the school quality.
  • Is there enough outdoor space for the home you are considering?
  • Is there a local park?  How are the sidewalks?  If you currently or plan to jog or walk, you will definitely want to consider such factors before relocating.
  • Do you know a lot of people in the area?  Of course, this isn’t always possible especially if you are relocating for a job and have not lived in the area before.
  • Look up the crime statistics of the neighborhood before you move.

Los Angeles likely has a neighborhood suited for just about every lifestyle and you won’t find much better weather than Southern California.  Relocation to Los Angeles can be a wonderful circumstance with a little planning and investigative leg work.

– Lance Grooms

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