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Chinese Valentine’s Day/Daughter’s Festival

Chinese Valentine's Day is celebrated on 23rd August this yearChinese Valentine’s Day, also sometimes known as the Daughter’s Festival, takes place on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month.  Next year Chinese Valentine’s Day will fall on 13th August; in 2014 it will take place on 3rd August.  This year it takes place today, 23rd August.

Chinese Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, Chinese style.  As the name implies, it is a holiday of love and is a holiday that rather romantically and sweetly evolved out of an ancient love story that came from Chinese folklore.  There are a number of different versions of the tale, which is a consequence of having been handed down from generation to generation across the course of literally thousands of years.

The most popular version of the tale tells the story of the Goddess of Heaven, who had seven young and beautiful daughters who came down to Earth and elected to bathe in a pristine river with their clothes left on the shore.  A cow herder known as Niu Lang came along and stole their clothes, just to see how they would react.  Zhi Nu, the youngest and most beautiful of all the girls, was sent to recover their clothes from out of the water and because Niu Lung had seen her naked, they were forced to marry.  Luckily they fell in love and were happily married for several years until her mother forced her to return to Heaven; however, seeing how much she missed her husband, she was allowed to visit Niu Lung just once a year, on what became Chinese Valentine’s Day.


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