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Chinese Residents to Undergo Relocation

Chinese Residents to Undergo RelocationIf you were thinking about a move to China, now may be the time to be a Good Samaritan and help out with the Chinese residents’ relocation.  In Guizhou Province about 1.5 million people will be relocated.  The government is planning on spending 18 billion yuan for the relocation.  These individuals are living in poverty stricken mountain regions of the country.  About 39% of the population is filled with ethnic minorities and it has been shown that the province is about eight years behind the national average with regards to development.

The program will be a pilot project with 100,000 people moved in 2012.  The conference outlining the plan was held in Beijing.  The hope, according to the Chinese government, is that these individuals will be relocated to an area that has better development, allowing them to enter the workforce and have a better quality of life.  The conditions where they live now are difficult for sustaining even a healthy person’s life.  It is a necessary move.

China officials also stated that things would still not get better because drinking water and roads will not help with conditions for at least 50 years.  It will most likely take nine years for the relocation to be complete.  Helping these individuals move is just a portion of what will be addressed, as China is also hoping to look into supportive policies with regards to jobs.  Those earning money in the province only managed 13,000 yuan in 2010.

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