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Cherry Point preparing for military moving season

Cherry Point preparing for military moving seasonCamp Lejeune Cherry Point Military base in North Carolina is getting ready for a large move of military personnel.  The Department of Defense usually moves around 80% of its military personnel between May 15th and September 30th.  Cherry Point is getting ready for this big military move with staff on hand to help out.

Marines have to follow guidelines when it comes to the moves.  They must ensure flexibility in packing, schedule pickup and delivery dates with movers, and make certain to attend a change of duty station class.  All of this is involved when it comes to military moving requirements.  Marines must also check that they have their orders in hand and speak with an outbound counselor to prepare for the move.  Marines also need to have a 10-day window for the movers to complete their job, unless their move is happening to an overseas setting.  The DMO is going to see Marines between six and eight weeks before they move with regards to the proper paperwork.

Some common issues with the moves include poor time management with regard to completing the paperwork and taking the class.  It is extremely important during the busy season that Marines manage their time well, since moving companies will be busier with the number of military personnel moving.  The spokesperson for Cherry Point stated that he wanted to have a successful military move this year and thus staff are on hand to help.

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