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Checklist for moving out of your first Apartment

Checklist for moving out of your first ApartmentWhen you move out of your first apartment there are quite a few details to consider.  Chances are you are moving from the apartment because you have graduated college or you have a better job to move towards.  This checklist for relocation can be used by anyone moving out of an apartment.  You want to leave a good impression on any of the apartments you leave, as they can be references for another move later on.

Most apartment complexes have a certain notice period, whether it is 30 days or 60 days.  You need to know when the apartment company expects your notice of relocation.  Make certain that you clean up the place.  Any holes made by nails need to be covered up.  As long as the walls are not damaged too much you will get your deposit back.  Repainting and carpet cleaning are generally not something you have to worry about unless there has been significant damage.

You may want to see if your landlord has an inventory sheet to check off so that you can show them that you have left the place in good shape.  Definitely take pictures of the place after you have moved everything out.  This will help you to prove that any damage was not yours.  These pictures should be compared to those you took when you first moved in, as this is the best evidence you can offer if any dispute should arise from a landlord complaint.

Jon Huser

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