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Category: Storage

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Storage Units Are Great but What Can’t You Put in There?

Storage units are great. They allow you to declutter your home without having to throw away the things you want to keep. Just because you don’t want something in your home doesn’t mean you want to get rid of it. Just think about all those photo albums, valuable collectibles, and old home videos that you … Continued

How to Decide if you Should be Renting a Storage Unit

To rent a storage unit or to not rent a storage unit; that is the question. In fact, it’s a question that many people have. With the costs of moving taking up a large chunk of your budget, the idea of renting a storage unit can sometimes be overwhelming. It can also be just as … Continued

4 Tips on Preparing for a Temporary, Short-Term Move

Not all moves are long term. In fact, there are many situations where people have to move for only a couple nights, a few weeks or for several months. If you’ve found yourself in one of these situations, you may feel a bit frustrated and confused. After all, what are you supposed to do with … Continued

5 Tips to Choosing your Rental Storage Unit

Just when you think choosing a rental storage unit is as simple as pointing to which one you want, you learn that the industry is vast. More importantly, the selection of options available to you are just about endless. Consequently, not all storage units are created equally. Some have top notch security, a plethora of … Continued

Common Storage Mistakes

Whether you are looking to store a few things temporarily, or on the long-term, there are some key things you need to know. Storage is a fantastic way to free up some room at your home, operate your business without having to rent a larger facility for inventory, or to keep your household furniture while … Continued

Convenience of Moving Company Storage

Imagine you are moving to a new location, but your temporary house is way too small to fit all your belongings. What if you have a few months before your new home is ready? What do you do with all of your stuff? This is when moving company storage becomes incredibly beneficial. There is no … Continued

Best Long-Term Storage Tips for Washer and Dryers

Long-term storage is a fantastic choice when you need to place your belongings somewhere for a while due to time between moving, moving overseas, or renting out your old place. Whatever your reason for requiring long-term storage, you will want to prepare your washer and dryer properly. Without the right preparation, long-term storage has the … Continued

Storage Facility Rental Tips

Storage facilities make our lives so much easier and more organized. Imagine being able to store your items without having to clutter your home! Whether you are looking to use a storage facility in the short term for in-between moves or long-term storage, there are some important things you need to consider. You want the … Continued

Use of Portable Storage Units Increasing in Popularity

One of the growing trends in the moving industry right now is the use of portable storage units. You may begin to notice that more and more companies are offering this service to their customers. Using portable storage units can be an economical way to move and may be a great fit for some clients. … Continued