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Setting Proper Moving Expectations – Timelines

Proper organization is key to a successful move, and having a timeline allows you to stay on track from start to finish. It’s recommended to start the moving process as soon as possible and to slowly complete the required tasks as needed. This will ensure a smooth, stress-free move and one that doesn’t leave you … Continued

Office Moving Mistakes

Relocating to a new office space is an exciting but stressful time. Even with a solid plan in place and thorough preparation, it is inevitable that unexpected things will happen. Take the following points into consideration to ease the transition of moving: Create a Visual Floor Plan You might just decide to move all of … Continued

What Does Full-Service Moving Mean?

Just when you think moving is a black and white situation, you discover the plethora of moving solutions available at Bekins Moving Solutions. While a move can certainly involve nothing more than a moving truck that gets you from A-to-B, the best moves are always stress-free. Those are the types of moves provided by full … Continued

The Most Efficient Way To Move To A Remote Location

You’re finally packing up and achieving your goal of being an expat. Congratulations! This is an exciting time as you prepare to live the life many others only dream of. However, it’s important to take the proper steps to ensure your move is as stress-free as your newfound lifestyle, and of course, efficient and cost-friendly. … Continued

Why you should move to Sarasota this summer

While everyone else is dreaming of living on the sandy shores of Sarasota Florida, you’re ready to take action. But not so quick. Before you relocate to a new city – or maybe even a new state, you want to make sure Sarasota Florida is the place for you. So, we put on our snorkel … Continued

What you should know before moving to a mobile home

As the “tiny living” trend continues to thrive, more and more people are deciding to trade in their stationary brick home for a quaint little trailer, and for all the right reasons. Mobile home living comes with many benefits, but it isn’t for everyone. To ensure this type of move is the best choice for … Continued

5 Must Have Items You Need On Your Moving Day

With all the moving materials and equipment available, it can be hard to narrow in on the items you need on moving day. Some say a permanent marker is a must have item on moving day, while it’s a good idea, as long as you did your packing properly, everything should be labeled and ready … Continued