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Category: Office Moving

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Moving your Office in the Winter

While it’s no secret that moving offices during the winter isn’t a common choice, there are times when you simply can’t wait. So, whether your lease is up or you’re ready to take your success this year to a new location, here are some moving tips that’ll get your office from A to B quickly … Continued

How to Find the Right Neighborhood for Your Company

Office moving, much like household moving, is about so much more than the building your business is moving into. It’s about the neighborhood. Will your employees work well there? Will you attract customers there? Will you feel safe there? Before buying a new office, consider these tips on how to find the right neighborhood for … Continued

Tips and Tricks for Moving in the Fall

Moving during the fall season is a little unpredictable. Will it rain? Maybe. Will it be freezing cold? It’s a possibility. Will it snow? There’s a good chance… And there’s also a good chance that you’ll get the exact opposite. You can follow the weather forecast as closely as possible but you simply never know … Continued

Don’t Forget These Things When Moving Office Locations.

Relocating an office seems easy enough. You pack up your belongings, hire professional movers to do the heavy lifting, unpack and settle into your new location. But, trust us, there’s much more to a commercial move than bubble wrap and boxes. Don’t forget these important tasks that must be completed when moving office locations. Update … Continued

Office Moving Tips and Tricks

Moving is stressful – period. Moving an entire business worth of valuables and irreplaceable documents is a whole new realm of difficulty and stress. Not only do you have to pack your own belongings but you also have an entire company’s worth of items that need to make the trip as well. Add in the … Continued

Top 3 Easy Ways to Save Money When Moving your Company’s Offices

As a business, every dollar counts. When you relocate your office, you’re doing so for the better of your business. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come without a hefty price. There are various costs associated with commercial moving, many of which are unavoidable. However, with these 3 easy steps, you can lower costs and enjoy some savings … Continued

How You Know Your Moving Company Is Legitimate

It doesn’t take much to start a company nowadays. All you need is an internet connection, a website, and a company name. So, as you can imagine, not all companies are created equally. This is incredibly important to remember when browsing available moving companies because movers come in direct contact with your most prized possessions. … Continued

How to Move a Home Office

Moving any office is difficult. However, when you work from home, you have unique challenges that you will face. You have both your home, and your business to move at the same time. This may sound almost impossible. Thankfully, there are simple solutions, tips, and advice to help your move go smoother. Bekins Moving Solutions … Continued

Trick or Treat: Tips for Identifying Moving Scams

Moving can be scary when you don’t have the support of a professional mover. But what is particularly frightening is when you hire a rogue mover with a hidden agenda to overcharge, or worse, steal all your things. Thankfully, there are some particular things you can spot that can help identify scammers and moving thieves … Continued

Tips for Office Moving

When you are planning a large office move, you need to complete quite a few different tasks to ensure nothing goes wrong and everyone understands the relocation process. To make the relocation as smooth as possible, it is important to take into consideration all of the logistics, the packing, and even the employees under your … Continued