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International Moving Checklist

Moving is stressful regardless of your final destination. It comes with a long list of rigorous tasks to be completed, a requirement for several days and nights, and a lot of heavy lifting, many of which lead to headaches, frustration, and an aching back. Oh, the aching back. Add an ocean and many miles of … Continued

What you need to know about international moving

It’s time to embark on a new journey overseas, but not so quick! There are some things you need to know before packing up your household and shipping everything to another country. Here are some the most common things people forget when moving internationally. Some Countries Have Banned “Normal” Items From pencils in Tunisia to … Continued

What does it take to move internationally?

Moving across the street is no easy feat; moving overseas isn’t any easier. However, more and more people are choosing to move internationally, and you’ll be happy to know that it can be done. In fact, it can be done at no stress to you when opting for Bekins Moving Solutions, as we handle all … Continued

Most popular places to move to this summer in the USA

From the East coast to the West coast; from the Northern border down to the South, there are so many incredible places to live within the United States. From state to state, the culture, scenery, atmosphere and weather, all offer something special that can’t be found anywhere else. And while it’s amazing to live in … Continued

5 Tips for Setting Up Your New Home Office After Moving In

Having the luxury to work from a home office has many benefits, and you’re likely excited about this new career transition. However, being productive in a home office requires a little more than simply setting up a desk and installing the internet. So, as you start to unpack your belongings after the move, it’s important … Continued

Our Guide to A Perfect Move When Money Isn’t A Concern

From the planning process to the packing, and everything in between, there are several VIP moving services you can take advantage of. Here are some of our favorite ways to ‘go big or go home’ on moving day when money isn’t a concern. Hire Personal Project Manager The first step – and inarguably, the most … Continued

Tips and Tricks to Securing Your Electronics During a Move

Technology is everything today. We live in a digital world where your smartphone is your lifeline, your television dubs as your movie theatre, your tablet is your game console and the list goes on. Without it, the world wouldn’t know how to operate. So, let’s make sure your electronics arrive at your new home in … Continued