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Category: Know Your Neighborhood

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New to the Neighborhood? Tips and Tricks to Making Friends Fast

You’re all settled into your new home, you’ve added your family’s personal touches into the interior but it still feels like something is missing – friends. Without a sense of community, turning your new house into your home can be a difficult task because as humans, we crave interaction with others. So, complete the transition … Continued

Top 5 Fall Activities to Enjoy to Get to Know Your New Neighborhood

Fall is the perfect time to get out and explore your new neighborhood. The weather isn’t scorching hot, nor is it too cold, and the community is out in full swing. So, don’t hibernate in your home just yet. Get out in the neighborhood, have some fun and create some memories with new friends, and … Continued

Top 5 Apps to Help You Navigate Your new Neighborhood

Moving to a new neighborhood is exciting… And just as intimidating. You don’t know where anything is, who anyone is and you certainly don’t know what’s hidden around the next corner or in your very own backyard. You’re eager to explore but there’s one problem – you have no idea where to start. With these … Continued

Are You Moving? Top 6 Things to Research Before Moving to A New City

Moving to a new city is exhilarating! You’re about to start writing a new chapter of your life in a new city, with new people, new opportunities and who knows what else. That’s what makes it so exciting… And just as intimidating. Big cities are unlike anything else, and it can be a difficult transitioning … Continued

10 Things to Know When Moving to San Diego

San Diego is known as “America’s Finest City” for a reason. The city is full to the brim with things to do and see. When you are moving to San Diego, it is easy to get wrapped up in all there is to do. While there are many fun and entertaining events and fun to … Continued

What to Expect When Moving to Wickenburg, Arizona

Many people have dreams of leaving the hustle and bustle of city life behind for a quiet life in a small town. Arizona is one state that still has a lot of small towns to settle into. This historic town has a lot to offer and is a fantastic option for affordable desert living. Bekins … Continued

Woodbridge, Virginia Information and Fun Facts

Woodbridge is a warm and friendly community located in Prince William County in Virginia. Located just 20-miles south of Washington D.C., and nestled between the Potomac and Occoquan rivers, there are approximately 54,725 residents that call Woodbridge home. Bekins A-1 has helped multiple clients make a move to Woodbridge and is thrilled to share some … Continued

Why Move to Rowland Heights, California?

Rowland Heights is not as well known as other large cities located in Southern California, but it is starting to make a name for itself. Situated just outside of Los Angeles, Rowland Heights has a population of 46,793 and is quickly growing due to its relatively affordable housing and ample business opportunities. Bekins Moving Solutions loves … Continued

Is Three Mile Island Still Dangerous?

The Three Mile Island disaster is well known, and its devastation has been published in history books for decades. After a disaster occurs, many people flee the area, but a small number of people stay and try to rebuild. Sometimes, like in the case of Three Mile Island, the situation still remained too dangerous for … Continued

What is an Urban Neighborhood?

There are many words describing city life. While looking for a new home, you may hear the term “urban neighborhood.” But what exactly does that mean? Before choosing a new place to live, it is important that you understand these terms and what it means for your new location. Living in an urban neighborhood has … Continued