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Top 5 Things to Consider When Storing Your Classic Car

Long-term storage is a frequent part of owning a classic car. Whether you’re heading away on vacation, in need of a place to store your classic car as you wait for exclusive parts to come in or are simply in need of a safe space to keep it when you’re not out for a ride, … Continued

How To Prep Your Home Before The Movers Arrive

Professional moving services will take care of the ins and outs of your move, including the most rigorous moving tasks but first, your home needs to be prepared for their arrival. To ensure a safe and efficient moving experience, here’s how you can do just that. Declutter Your Home The first step to moving with … Continued

How To Hire A Good Moving Company

There are many factors to ensuring a successful, efficient move; finding the right moving company is certainly one of them. Without a good moving company, you can run into many delays and discrepancies throughout the moving process which can play a huge role in the overall success and experience you have. Unfortunately, navigating through the … Continued

How To Properly Organize Your Storage Unit

As the saying goes, ‘organization is key’. In order to get the most out of your self-storage unit, it needs to be properly organized. However, while standing in the midst of mountains made of boxes and storage containers, finding where to start can be difficult. We highly recommend organizing your storage unit the first time … Continued

What to Think About When Selecting A Storage Company

A bad company can lead to bad storage, no matter how immaculate your individual storage unit may look. While it’s easy to assume that the facility’s features and staff members don’t matter as long as the storage unit looks good and provides what you need, don’t be mistaken. The storage company you choose to rent … Continued

Top 5 Suggestions for Selecting A Storage Unit

With storage unit facilities lining the highway, it can seem impossible to narrow in on the ones that are worthy of your belongings. Fortunately, these top five suggestions will help you find the best storage facilities that truly offer top-notch security, the best rates around, and optimal storage conditions. Determine the Type of Storage Unit … Continued

How Bekins can save your move!

Let’s face it, moving is stressful. The list of tasks that must be completed prior to moving day is long; add on your full-time job and trying to run a household, and that very list barely seems to budge. Then, before you know it, moving day is right around the corner and you still have … Continued

Homemade DIYs to make your move easier

Let’s face it, moving is no easy task. Moving day is fast approaching, and the excitement is starting to get disrupted with stress. Your moving to-do list doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller, you’re dreading the backache of moving and the frustration of unpacking. Don’t worry; these handy moving day tips will help make … Continued

How Do I Transport My Flower Garden to My New House?

It isn’t uncommon to outgrow a home but outgrowing a flower garden? That’s simply unheard of. There’s something so magical about a flower garden you’ve grown on your own and leaving it behind when it’s time to move to a new humble abode can be a difficult concept to come to terms with. However, with … Continued