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Category: Home Lifestyle

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Is A Tiny Home Right For You?

With the rise in popularity of tiny homes, you have likely asked yourself whether or not you could actually live in one. The idea sounds great – affordable, minimalistic living but the reality is, tiny homes truly aren’t for everyone. To help you determine if downsizing into a super small home is the right decision … Continued

Benefits of Servicing Your AC & Furnace

One common mistake many homeowners make is skipping over regularly servicing of their air conditioning units and furnace. It’s easy to assume that missing a year or two of maintenance won’t have a major impact on the unit or your quality of living, but don’t be mistaken. The benefits of servicing your AC and furnace … Continued

Who’s your Best Choice for a Long-Distance Move

When moving a far distance, you want to make sure your belongings make the trip as well, and in a safe and timely manner. There’s nothing worse than arriving at your new humble abode only to discover that your belongings are nowhere close to arriving. As a result, you’ll be stuck in a home with … Continued

Advantages of living in a mobile home

It’s time to trade in your traditional home for a mobile one. Gone are the days where the dream is to upgrade your home to a larger living space. Instead, it’s all about downsizing. More and more homeowners are choosing to trade in their large homes for smaller, more intimate spaces, and mobile homes are … Continued

8 Uses for Plastic Moving Containers

It’s time to think outside of the box. Plastic moving containers are quickly becoming the most popular choice, as they’re durable, affordable and exceptionally versatile options. But what might surprise you is that the benefits of plastic bins go far beyond storage and moving convenience. Here are some of the unique ways you can use … Continued