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Can The Dark Knight Rises top The Avengers?

Can The Dark Knight Rises top The Avengers?The Avengers has had a smashing weekend, taking $200 million on the opening weekend.  The Dark Knight Rises is meant to be a blockbuster in theaters too, but with The Avengers opening with such a high income it might be tough for The Dark Knight Roses to beat it.  Warner Bros made a statement with regards to their box office productions.  It stated that so far things have been “red hot” for its movies, with The Avengers as a leading example.  One executive stated that a comparison between the two movies in terms of expected income is not really needed.  Warner Bros believes that The Dark Knight Rises will stand on its own and provide some top revenues too.
It helps that Christian Bale did agree to the third movie.  It also helps that The Avengers was filled with a great cast, including Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man.  According to some of the rumors and speculation there may even be an Avengers 2, given the recent popularity and blow out sales of The Avengers movie.  As far as the studio is concerned, it feels that The Dark Knight Rises will certainly be able to attain the same success or even pass the $200 million mark that The Avengers managed.
The Amazing Spider-Man will be released in July, which could be another contender in the box office.  The question everyone has in mind for The Amazing Spider-Man is whether the main lead can really bring in the sales, since it is a different lead than the previous Spider-Man.

Jon Huser

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