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Buy or rent when moving for military

Buy or rent for your next military moveAnyone in the military is aware that no move is permanent for as long as they continue their career in any arm of the military.  There is always the thought of when you will need to move again, where you will have to move to, and whether the military move will warrant buying or renting the next home.

Before you decide on buying or renting, consider your financial circumstances.  Military personnel with families are often better living off base because it will mean better housing.  On base housing is usually small and there tend to be waiting lists for family homes.  If it is possible to move into base housing for the new post immediately then it might not be a huge concern; however, this rarely happens.

For those who live off base a portion of the housing and utility costs are covered by the military.  During your move you may find that this is acceptable based on current financial standings, especially if it means your children will be settled after the move.  Kids tend to make friends wherever they are, but a new place is always hard.  Settling the children should be a top priority, especially when it comes to permanent housing.  If renting is the only affordable option then it should be settled before the kids have to be in the new school.  Additionally, the rental needs to be one that can fit the entire family. Purchasing might be a better decision financially in terms of the eventual sale.

Rick Wozniak

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