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Business relocation increasing

Business relocation increasingA new study is showing that more businesses have begun relocation proceedings again.  When the recession hit, many companies were worried about paying their employees.  Relocating was far from their mind in terms of opening new locations or moving their headquarters elsewhere.  It seems that since 2011 started, about 67% of the managers surveyed stated they would undergo business relocation in 2012 or the following year.  They saw enough increase in profits in 2011 to make certain that they can afford the office move.

Of the companies surveyed, 65% stated that they would offer business relocation packages to the employees given the option to go with the office move.  It was also stated in the study that most companies believe the economy will continue to improve in 2012, allowing more workers to relocate.

About 86% of the companies in the study stated they would relocate or spend more on relocation for 2012 than they did last year.  Companies in the northeast tend to consider transfers and office moves more than any other companies in the US, whereas the west has the lowest numbers for relocation considerations.  Any company considering an office move will want to consider how to make it affordable using professional services like business movers.  Hiring a full service moving company can keep the costs down and make it easier for businesses to get moved around the country.  Many did state that they would probably hire professionals for the bulk of the move.

Jon Huser

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