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Britney Spears being raked in the news again

Britney Spears being raked in the news againBritney Spears has had a lot of flak from the media throughout her career.  During a news conference she was yet again picked on for the fact that her nails did not have a perfect manicure.  Those who noticed this issue talked about her $15 million deal with The X Factor as a judge, yet hoe she showed up without a good manicure.  It was also brought up that she has admitted in the past to biting her nails.  Apparently those watching her closely feel that she is under a great deal of stress, which is shown by the apparent lack of a manicure. Britney Spears is now 30 years old and is engaged to Jason Trawick.  Trawick was her manager and they became engaged in December.

The issues did not stop there in picking on Ms Spears, especially when she was seen in a white mini dress with her legs looking less than stellar.  Ms Spears will be joining The X Factor with Demi Lovato, as Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger are leaving the show next fall.  It is a shame that stars have their lives scrutinized so closely that such things as nail biting and cellulite appear in the news; however, there are many stars who do manage to keep away from the media dogs who like to spread rumors and hurtful statements.  Perhaps it is the early Britney Spears that has made her a contender for degrading comments now she is in her 30s.


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