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Britain and US troops ready for action

US and British military prepared for conflictIn the past weeks Israel has made a stand on how it feels about Iran with regard to nuclear weapons.  The stand is to such a strong degree that many officials from both the UK and US have talked with Israeli leaders about what will happen if Iran does not open its borders for more clarity.  The National Security Council has already discussed possibilities of the military moving into the Strait of Hormuz and placing ships at the entrance to the Gulf.  The Royal Navy is already providing a permanent presence in the Gulf.  The US is slightly different in where it has relocated troops to; recently this has been in the Middle East.

The US has had to make deals with a few countries to pull out troops, but the US stands firm in its military moving a short distance to ally countries so that it may be on hand in the event that Israel decides to strike Iran’s mountain nuclear facility.  Israel has stated that it does not mind moving first, and is in a position to do so.  The US and UK, on the other hand, are hoping for a more peaceful resolution than having Israel go in, since tensions are rather high right now.  Still, both countries have stated that they are at the ready should action be needed. The UK Navy presence is just one way in which they are ready for action.  Israel has pretty much stated that there will be a strike; it is just not ready to release details of when it will occur.

Rick Wozniak

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