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Brad Pitt at Cannes Film Festival

Brad Pitt attends the Cannes Film FestivalThe Cannes Film Festival is always a great time for celebrities to get together, watch new films, and enjoy France.  It is also a time when the press is allowed to ask questions of most of the stars in attendance, though they are supposed to stick more to the movies being showcased rather than personal questions.  This year this was a little hard, considering that Brad Pitt was in attendance and a lot of personal changes in his life have occurred this year.  As we all know, Brad and Angelina have decided to get married now that they have several kids together, both biologically and adopted.

When the personal questions started flying Brad did not rebuke them, but rather answered them.  As of yet there is no date set for the megastar wedding.  Brad also talked a bit about Will Smith slapping a Ukrainian reporter.  Brad was at the festival to help showcase his new film, Killing Them Softly.  The film was in the competition and is considered a rather violent film; it is politically charged with a look at how America has been handled in the last few years.  He did say that the film is not meant to be a part of the negative election campaigns, but rather a look at some of what has gone on.  He stated that, despite the violence, he does not mind his children seeing the film because there are important lessons in it.

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