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Boise on the list of best places to live

Boise on the list of best places to liveBoise, Idaho has been named one of the best places to live for a couple of reasons.  Currently realtors have shown 1,350 homes at the start of 2012.  In 2011 the studies showed that the city’s home sales were up.  It could be related to the state government making it easier for many by keeping costs low.  Rather than being a state that increases taxes and other prices dealing with regular living, Idaho has kept its costs down.  It is an attractive trait for those who are looking to relocate, since it is more affordable in Boise and the state as a whole.  There are some areas that are not inexpensive, such as the upper corner of Idaho with all its lakes and beautiful land, but the state has certainly tried to keep costs down and therefore helped bring in new residents.  Residents moving to Idaho have done so due to the business friendly options too.

It is a low cost location to do business.  When it is easier to open a business or conduct business, there is a higher potential for finding employment.  Several people have created their own goods through craftwork and started companies.  The state government plans to keep costs low has made this possible for residents in the state.  A statement to the press included the fact that it is not only about being business friendly, but also about being a family friendly state.  Boise was given the second spot in the list of best places to live in the Forbes Magazine list.

Jon Huser

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