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Top 5 Activities to Enjoy During The Holidays

Top 5 Activities to Enjoy During The Holidays

‘Tis the season for some winter activities. While the season of chilly air and unpredictable weather can keep some people inside, the activities that this season has to offer are definitely worth some excitement. Plus, enjoying the unique opportunities winter provides is the best way to stave off the winter blues. So, instead of hibernating under cozy blankets for the next couple of months, get outdoors and explore the fun and excitement that only comes around once a year.


Tree Lighting Ceremonies

Kick off the season with a tree lighting ceremony. These unique events can be found across the globe and often come with some free entertainment and festival cheer. So, grab your hot chocolate and see what kind of tree lighting ceremonies are going on in your area – and attend them all. They’re free and full of holiday spirit and are perfect for a family evening of fun.


Holiday Markets

One of the best things about the holiday season is the opportunity to enjoy once-a-year holiday markets. From holiday craft markets to farmer’s markets, holiday decoration markets and more, there’s certainly no shortage of options that’ll get you out and enjoying the holiday spirit.  

Holiday markets are also a great place to find some unique gift ideas for your loved ones – and the shopping experience is much more enjoyable than navigating through jam-packed shopping centers.


Christmas Light Festivals

If there’s anything that’s certain to get you in the holiday spirit, it’s Christmas lights. This winter activity can be enjoyed at no extra charge. Simply take a late evening stroll around the block. However, don’t underestimate the city-run light festivals that have grown overly popular in the past couple of years. They’re absolutely spectacular and often times can be done in the comfort and warmth of your own car.  


Ice Skating

There are very few things that are more festive than ice skating. It’s a classic holiday activity that can be done across the globe. Of course, if you’re in a warmer location, you’ll have to limit your ice skating to indoor skating rinks but with the icy air and holiday music, you’ll feel like you’re skating at NY’s center square.

However, if you’re in a colder location, you’ll get the best festive experience while ice-skating if you do so outdoors. Many outdoor skating rinks are decorated with a huge Christmas tree, festival lights, music and so much more. Some even have outdoor fire pits and even marshmallow-roasting stations for you to enjoy. So, if you can do the ice-skating outside, it’s definitely an opportunity you won’t want to skip over.


A Horse-Drawn Buggy Ride

Explore the lights, spirit and joy of the season with a horse-drawn buggy ride. Most major cities offer this holiday activity well into the next year and for a fairly decent price. As a bonus, this unique holiday activity saves you from having to walk around the downtown core in the chilly air, while still allowing you to see everything the city has to offer.

It gets better! Most holiday horse-drawn buggy rides include some free hot cocoa and a nice cozy blanket to cuddle up in as you take in the sights.


You can find an abundance of holiday spirit and winter activities to enjoy, no matter where you are located in the United States. Even if you live in a little town, a quick road trip to the nearest big city will present you with all kinds of holiday activities that are certain to add some warmth and cheer into the season.