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Preparing for a move

When you are thinking about making a move, it is vital to prepare properly.  Advance planning can make the infamous stresses and traumas of the relocation experience considerably easier and can make the whole process go a great deal more smoothly than you might have thought possible.

To ensure a safe journey for your possessions, especially if you are making a long distance move, you should make use of quality packing materials and moving cartons.  Packing is almost always going to end up taking longer than you initially believe; therefore, it is very important to begin the process of packing as soon as you can – preferably as soon as you know for certain that you are going to be moving.

All your boxes should be labeled with your name, the job number that was issued by your moving company, your delivery address, the contents of the box (this can make the process of unpacking considerably simpler) and any special handling instructions for the movers that may be required.  Big items that you cannot pack into boxes should be left for the moving company to deal with.

Boxes should not be overloaded.  Although getting lots and lots of items into the one box might seem like a good way to cut costs, such boxes are much more difficult to carry even for experienced movers.  Overloaded boxes are also highly likely to collapse while being moved, which can end up being far more costly for you than using a few extra boxes.

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