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Packing – a few more tips

When you are packing up your home ready for a move it is a good idea to have a strategy in place. You need to plan the process carefully; otherwise, you could find that you have spent the month before the move concentrating on just one aspect of it and this could leave you running around like a headless chicken in the couple of days before the move itself.

Work out who should be packing what and when. Unless you live on your own you should be able to allocate specific tasks to other family members and make good use of any help they can provide. You can assign a room to a person or make them responsible for packing up a specific type of item, such as ornaments or books.

It is important to obtain the right boxes. While many people recommended only using new boxes, providing your boxes are strong and can survive the rigors of the move then there should be no problem in using secondhand boxes. Double-walled boxes are best, as these are stronger than standard cardboard boxes. Your moving company can often provide these.

Make sure that you find a space for the boxes once you have packed them, as moving house is always more stressful if you are going to be tripping over boxes once you have packed them up. A spare room or garage is usually the best place, as the boxes will not be in the way and will be easily accessible on the day of the move when your professional movers arrive.

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