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Keep Your Things Safe For The Holidays

Keep Your Things Safe For The Holidays

A storage unit is an excellent option for keeping your items safe for the holidays. If you don’t already have one, consider adding this gift idea to your wish list. As you’re about to find out, it’s a gift that keeps giving well beyond the holiday season. Here are some key pointers to remember when trying to entice a special someone to get you a storage unit or an upgrade to a new unit this holiday season.  


Keep Santa’s Gifts Hidden

When Santa is out of hiding places and little elves are snooping, a storage unit saves the day. Santa can hide all of his gifts in a storage unit to ensure Christmas morning remains a surprise.

Deter Broken Bulbs and Ornaments

There’s nothing worse than pulling your holiday decorations out from the basement, eager to decorate your home with spirit, only to realize some of your favorite bulb and holiday décor have been broken. Unfortunately, this is quite common – so much so that it seems like Murphy’s Law.

Since holiday decorations are so fragile, it’s important to pack and store them properly to keep them safe throughout the rest of the year. However, after how hectic the season can be, this is often the last thing on your mind when taking down your holiday décor. You stuff your decorations in boxes and slide the old, broken boxes and containers under the stairs, only to find out next year that even more bulbs and ornaments are broken.

Storing them in a storage unit can help prevent this from happening. When your holiday decorations are stored in a unit, you don’t have to worry about the kids rummaging around the boxes or worse, making a fort out of them. As such, your decorations are much more likely to survive the rest of the year.


Free Up Usable Space

Speaking of storing holiday decorations, many of us do it in our own home. It’s convenient. However, it also takes up plenty of valuable space. Since these items only get accessed once a year, there’s no need to have them taking up usable space within your home for the other 11 months of the year.

So, increase the livable square footage in your home by storing your holiday decorations in a storage unit.


Make Some Room for Your Guests

If it’s your turn to host a big holiday dinner party for your friends and family, you might find yourself struggling to make room to accommodate everyone. However, there’s no reason to fear. You can use a storage unit to temporarily make more space in your home. Clear out some of the kid’s toys, swap out the big comfy chairs for foldable ones to ensure everyone has a seat, and clear out the garage so everyone can have a parking spot.


Accommodate Your Overnight Guests

A storage unit is also a great way to store “extras” that can help you accommodate your guests during the holiday season, especially when they’ve enjoyed too much eggnog. Since storing a bunch of air mattresses or spare furniture can take up a lot of space in your home, store them in your unit as well. When your friends and loved ones are coming to town, pull them out for storage and set up a little place for them to call their own. Once everyone’s gone back home, put these large, bulky extra furniture items back in storage. It’s convenient for you, and significantly more comfortable and welcoming for your guests.


A storage unit can be a Christmas miracle that lasts all year long. So, keep your decorations safe, gifts hidden and guests accommodated simply by using smart storage.