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How to pack IT equipment

Everyone needs electronic items.  Such devices have made our lives much easier and pleasant, allowing us to cook faster, have fun playing video games, or relax watching a film in front of a widescreen television; however, these devices can be very expensive and they must therefore be adequately protected during a move.

Audio systems, computers, kitchen appliances and televisions are all surprisingly fragile and require special conditions when it is time to undergo relocation.  Fortunately there are some tips to help you with the packing of expensive electronic equipment.  One good tip is to make a list detailing all your electronic devices.  You need to know precisely what is going to be transported so that you can gather together enough boxes and the right amount of packing and wrapping materials.  If you have hung on to the user manuals, they may list certain conditions for relocation and how to dismantle a device if this is possible or necessary.

Having the original boxes for these devices can also be extremely useful, as they can be reused during your move.  If you also still have intact the original foam sheets that came with the box, these should also be used since they were specifically designed to protect the item in question.

Computers should be shut down and all the cables should be unplugged.  The power cables should be the first to be unplugged, and then the cables that link to peripheral devices.  If the item has a lot of different cables, label them with masking tape. Don’t forget to use static-free packing materials and hire a professional firm when you really aren’t sure.

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