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Climate controlled storage is best

Undergoing an international relocation may require you to put some of your more precious possessions in storage.  Even if you are downsizing your home, the following discussion on climate-controlled environments for your belongings can be of help.

You never know when you may require storage for your items.  If your new home is too small or you will undergo international relocation for a year or two, making certain your items are safe is paramount.  Hot or cold weather, when severe, can damage your precious items.  Business or personal documents can also be affected if you do not store your items properly.  Climate controlled environments protect against warping, splitting, cracking, rust, corrosion, mold, mildew, and pest infestations.

Most climate-controlled locations will keep a steady temperature of between 55 and 80 degrees C.  When you decide on climate controlled storage it is important to consider your geographic area, or that of your friend or family.  You also want to consider the area where you live, as the temperature may need to vary depending on the facility location, such as living in conditions with below freezing winters.

What you plan to store will determine how it needs to be packed, such as antiques versus tools and machines.  Also consider the value of what you intend on moving.  The value of your goods may be less than a climate-controlled environment would warrant.  A professional moving consultant will be best to speak to about these specifics.

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