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Best packing supplies for a move

The amount of protection provided to your possessions during relocation is based on the quality of the packing supplies you use.  In order to make certain that your prized possessions get to your new home without being damaged in any way, it makes sense to choose the highest-quality materials.

When making a household move you are likely to need around small boxes, medium-sized boxes, large boxes, extra-large boxes, heavy duty boxes, wardrobe boxes, and boxes in which to move your electronic devices.  Boxes need to be durable and sturdy, with no physical defects such as punctures, holes or scratches.  Double-walled boxes can be purchased for additional protection.

To pack and cushion your items for relocation you will need rags, stretch wrap, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, newspapers, foam and inflatable bags.  Newspapers should not be used to wrap items that have a sensitive surface, such as lamp shades.  For even more protection use several different layers of bubble wrap and put a base layer of cushioning material at the bottom of each box.  Once the items have been placed inside the box, further cushioning materials can be placed on top.

Make use of custom printed labels with appropriate tags such as ‘fragile’, ‘cutlery’ and ‘kitchen’.  Blank or pre-printed labels of various shapes and sizes are available for purchase.  Labeling is vital during relocation and helps you to better organize your boxes.

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