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6 Reasons to get Storage for the Winter

6 Reasons to get Storage for the Winter

The winter season often gets a bad rap, thanks to the chilly air and unpredictable precipitation but don’t let the winter blues get you down. Winter has plenty to offer, including a long list of benefits when it comes to storing your belongings.


Store Your Tires

If you live somewhere with icy, cold weather, you likely have two sets of tires – a set for summer and a set for winter. If not, it’s something to consider to ensure the safety of not only you and your family but also your vehicle.

However, there is a downside to putting on winter tires – storing them during the summer and storing your summer tires during the winter. Often times, doing so at a dealership or auto shop comes with a hefty price and storing them in your garage or basement takes up valuable space. But when you have a storage unit, you can keep your tires safely stored without the inconveniences that come with the other options.


Keep Your Summer Vehicle Warm

Some people are lucky enough to have a car for winter, often referred to as a “winter beater” and a different one for summer. The summer car is usually the nicer one of the two, hence why you won’t drive it in the treacherous winter conditions. As such, keeping it in your driveway for the season is also out of the question. Instead, you store it in the garage, free of winter debris and precipitation. However, this takes up plenty of space – space in which you can use for your winter car so you don’t have to scrap your windows in the morning Consider finding storage specialized for vehicles to keep your summer vehicle stored away safely.

Make Use of your Garage

With the prior mentioned, it only makes sense to talk about the obvious. When you don’t have a summer vehicle sitting in your or if your garage it isn’t being used as an extra storage space, you get to actually use the space to your advantage. Plus, you can even park in the garage which means you don’t have to start your car 10 minutes early just to warm it up nor do you have to worry about scraping ice off of the windows.


Clean Up for Spring

The winter season may have just begun but you’re already dreaming of the sunnier days. So, there’s no better time to start cleaning up for spring. You’re in your house for most of the season anyway, so might as well use the time to go through your belongings and see what you can donate, sell or store in a storage unit.


Prepare for a Garage Sale

As you battle through your belongings, you may come across plenty of items you wish to sell. Great! The next season is the perfect time for doing just that with a sale in your front yard. The only downside? You have to store the items until then. This can quickly take up an abundance of space, causing more frustration than freedom. So, pack your garage sale items in boxes and store them until the spring season, or rather, garage sale season begins.


Protect Your Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is rarely the most inexpensive purchase. In fact, it can be darn expensive. So, it’s silly to think that many of us store our expensive outdoor pieces during the winter season under tarps. Add in the snow, moisture and drop in temperatures, and the risk of damage is inevitable. In best case scenarios, you’re left with a huge mess to clean up once summer arrives.

Fortunately, you can avoid both damage and dirt simply by storing your outdoor furniture in a storage unit during the winter season. And while you’re at it, might as well add in your summer machinery such as your lawn mower, weed whacker and hammock.


Don’t restrict your living space or jam-pack your shed and garage with your summer tools, equipment and toys. Instead, rent a storage unit and take advantage of these warming benefits while keeping all your possessions safe from the elements.