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Beyonce shares family photos

Beyonce shares family photosBeyonce has announced a new website for her fans.  The new site was launched in order to share with her fans her daily life, family, and even her travels.  Beyonce is one of the more popular singers.  There have even been some fans willing to move in order to see sightings of this top star near to her home.  Beyonce provided pictures of her family on holiday, with her husband, and even photos of her pregnancy.

If you have less of an interest in Beyonce, but know that you are about to move away from family, you might want to take her idea and create your own website.  It may not be filled with adoring fans stopping by, but you can certainly offer a place that is separate from any other and that is just for family.  With a private website set up after you relocate, you can post videos, photos and other information for your friends and family.  You can even make certain that the site has a secure login so that no one else can get in and look.

Your privacy will be available through this site, rather than something like Facebook where you could potentially be sharing with the whole world.  When you relocate you definitely want to keep your friends and family close, even if they are no longer next-door.  An interesting option such as Beyonce’s fan website could be turned into something for your own family with your own photos.

Jon Huser

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