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Best places to live if you are a mom

Best places to live if you are a momAn interesting survey has cropped up with the answer to where the best places to live are if you are a mother.  The US has landed at 25 on the list, which is surprisingly low considering the healthcare and doctors the US has.  The report is actually based on education and economic conditions.  It looks at the mothers and children of 165 countries.  Last year the US was in 31st place.  It has moved up, but we are actually still behind other nations.

According to an expert, a woman is seven times more likely to die in the US from a pregnancy related cause than a woman in Italy or Ireland.  It was also stated that one in 2,100 face maternal death, which is quite high for an industrialized nation.

Although this is a little shocking, there are some great places in the US to live for soon-to-be mothers.  If you are a soon-to-be mother or have a friend or family member who is, a move to a better location for doctors might be an important consideration.  Seattle, for instance, has one of the best hospital systems for birth and aftercare of the mother, especially if the situation may be a little difficult for the mother.  Smaller towns tend to have some of the worst hospital systems for mothers with health related issues during pregnancy, so even a temporary relocation could be beneficial for those last few weeks.

Jon Huser

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