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Best cities to live and bike

Best cities to live and bikeDo you want to live greener?  Perhaps you are one of several million who would like to walk or bike to work but live in a place that does not make this conducive.  If you have a chance to move soon, you might want to consider some of the cities and towns on the list of best places to live and bike.

Seattle started a program with regards to biking to work, which has become a nationwide study to see where you could move to find the best biking around cities.  You might want to see if your city is on the list or where you could relocate to take advantage of these greener living options.

The top ten cities that are best for biking include Minneapolis, Portland, San Francisco and Boston.  Madison, Washington DC, Seattle, Tucson, New York and Chicago also made the top ten.  Minneapolis actually made the list as number one, with a survey score of 79.  It is perhaps surprising, unless you have visited or lived there.  It may be a cold city in winter, but there are still plenty of biking options to and from work or just around the city on your day off.  It is less surprising to find Portland OR on the list of best places to live and bike, because this city is certainly one to be green.  It is an active community with many artists and nature lovers making it a great city to live in.

Jon Huser

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