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Berry goes to court over France move

Berry goes to court over France moveHalle Berry was headed to court on Thursday in a bid to convince a judge to give her permission to be able to move to France with her daughter Nahla.  The actress is in the midst of a bitter custody dispute with her ex, Gabriel Aubry, over the young girl, as she wants to move abroad to the European home country of her fiancé Oliver Martinez.

Aubry is strongly contesting the star’s planned relocation, as he fears he will end up becoming distanced from his little girl.  TMZ says that Berry is using aggressive paparazzi as evidence to show that it is unsafe for her to have to continue to live in the United States.  “Halle will try to prove … the paparazzi have created extreme danger for her and Nahla.  We’ve been in touch with various paparazzi agencies and know Halle’s lawyer, Stephen Kolodny, has been on the hunt for video … hoping to show Halle and Nahla being ‘terrorized’ by aggressive photos,” TMZ claims, adding that the trial is set to become a video presentation that will make use of an insane incident where Berry was forced to call in the Beverly Hills Police in order for her and her daughter to escape from a restaurant.

A particularly bothersome photographer, Andrew Deetz, has been subpoenaed by the Oscar-winning actress to testify that he has to make use of questionable methods in order to be able to do his job.  It is a crime for celebrities to be harassed in public in France.

Jon Huser

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