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Bad Poetry Day

Bad Poetry DayBad Poetry Day is held every year on August 18th.  As the name suggests, Bad Poetry Day is the day on which people are encouraged to think up and write some really terrible verse.  Of course, some people might ask “Why?” The answer, it would appear, is “Why not?” Perhaps Bad Poetry Day is meant to inspire us to appreciate it when we get to see some really good poetry.  Perhaps the intention of the day is to really irritate the person who does not understand that it is Bad Poetry Day and is desperately trying not to offend their friend, family member or co-worker when asked what they think of their work, or perhaps it is just a bit of fun.

There is no real historical significance to Bad Poetry Day; in fact, it is a relatively recent development, invented by the good (if strange) people over at Wellcat.com.  According to Wellcat.com, the point of Bad Poetry Day is to gather old high school friends together, write some incredibly bad poetry, and then send it to your former high school English teacher, either as a joke or as an incredibly cruel and unusual form of punishment.

Bad Poetry Day is not the only such day that Wellcat.com has created.  In fact, it has come up with a number of such special days and even copyrighted them so that it can actually make a profit out of them.  Bad Poetry Day therefore has to be just one more reason to love America.

Lance Grooms

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