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Ashton Kutcher in the hot seat for ad

Advertisement controversy for Ashton KutcherAshton Kutcher took up a role in Two and a Half Men at the beginning of the Fall TV season because of issues with long-time actor Charlie Sheen.  Sheen was constantly in the media for his controversies surrounding drugs and domestic violence.  CBS finally decided to cancel the show or replace Sheen.

This meant that Sheen was taken off, with Kutcher taking over as the new ‘money’ to run the nice Malibu household; however, it does not seem that the controversies are over for actors in this show. Kutcher has been in the media of late for his advertisement featuring a Bollywood parody.  He had a brown face with an Indian accent, which has really started an uproar with regards to racism.

The ad has been pulled and the company CEO, Keith Belling, stated that the company has had a lot of feedback about the parody.  He stated that the company appreciated the point of views that were shared and in no way meant the ad to be construed as racism.  Kutcher was playing a multicultural parade of bachelors in the video that has sparked the controversy.  One bachelor was portrayed as a Bollywood character.  The ad was meant to promote a chip brand, but rather than having everyone think it was funny there were many outraged at the Bollywood character.  There is also a lot of flak for the actor, who may be looking for someone new to date now that his marriage to the actress Demi Moore is over.


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