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Arthritis can make relocating difficult

Arthritis can make relocating difficultRetiring seems like a wonderful idea, especially if you are going to retire to a place you love with your family around.  When you need to relocate to make this retirement dream of yours come true, it might be marred slightly if you have arthritis.  Relocating when you have arthritis can mean that you hurt as you pack, lift and haul boxes.

The best thing to do is choose a place in your home where you can see into the box you are about to pack without putting pressure on any of your joints.  For example, a table that is low enough for you to put things into the box and pack it up will help to keep you from being on your knees or utilizing your joints too much.  When it comes to the large-scale items that you need to pack or haul out of the house, it is best to hire a moving company.

A moving company will be able to haul everything out of your home, including the heavier objects.  If you have a full service moving company then they will even help with the packing and crating.  Your budget will determine how much help you can afford from the moving company, but consider what saving your joints will mean when you are not making your arthritis worse.  If you have to go to the doctor because your joints are too inflamed for regular medication, you could be spending more than if you let a full service moving company cover your relocation.

Jon Huser

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