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Arraignment for suspected terrorists

Arraignment for suspected terroristsSeptember 11th 2001 may be 11 years gone, but many of us still remember the lives lost from such horrendous events and will forever be reminded of the pain suffered.  Khalid Sheik Mohammed and four others were arraigned on Saturday in a military move at Guantanamo Bay.  The charges and the arraignment have given the public their first look at those who are considered the masterminds behind such horrible US attacks.  The event is promising justice, though there is a renewed debate over the interrogations held at Guantanamo Bay.

Many know that in a military and DOD move those who were part of the interrogations were given the opportunity to use different methods to interrogate suspects.  The arraignment is based on the military commissions system, which means this is the first time we will see how the system works or does not work in terms of making those guilty of terrorism on US soil pay for their crimes.

There are many who wonder if there can truly be justice, given the ‘American’ brand of justice being offered in which everyone is entitled to a free trial, even those who murdered so many with airplane attacks.  There are also many states that no longer have death penalties because it is considered inhumane, no matter what the individual may have done that would warrant such a sentence.  The case of the five men suspected of being the masterminds will mostly likely set new precedents for how we will approach other cases of terrorism.

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