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Armory receives temporary relocation

Armory receives temporary relocationTraining for some military members has been difficult in outdated facilities.  Now that women are more prevalent in the military changes have been needed at some of the facilities, such as the Blair L Crockett Armory that is off Route 50.  The armory did not have facilities for women.  It also lacked space and technology.  Over the next three to four months the armory will be receiving a facelift.  This facelift has meant a temporary military move for the training equipment and military members receiving training.

Military members will get to move back into the location once the facilities are updated with a multi-million dollar investment.  A spokesperson for the renovations and the military moving discussion stated that it will be one of the best training assets in the military, with classrooms, an additional training room, portable arms training system and engagement skills trainer 2000.

The spokesman stated that it is a long time in coming and the military is proud that it can finally upgrade, as it needed to, with regards to women and technology.  Maryland is one of the busiest states for military moving in and out of the country.  With the capital so close, it is necessary to ensure the best facilities are available to all.  Green technology will also be a significant part of the changes made.  In this way the training center will be healthy for the earth as well as for the military personnel receiving training onsite.

Lance Grooms

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