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Approval for refinery in Rusk County

Approval for refinery in Rusk CountyGregg County Refinery wishes to complete a relocation to Rusk County.  This would bring jobs and workers to the area.  Before the company would be able to move it required approval from the Rusk County Commissioners Court.  The approval for company relocation has been given as of this week.  It means the company can begin work at the 165-acre facility.  Once things are set at the facility, the new location will provide 80 to 100 jobs for employees.

Employee relocation was offered to the staff members currently working at the old facility.  For those who have taken the employee relocation package it will mean moving their home and families to the new county.  The company will need local workers to fill the positions of anyone unwilling to relocate.  The company has also decided to look at the local level for potential workers to fill positions they have open for the expansion created by the move.

Once the business relocation is complete, the company will have more space for its refinery.  The new site is in Longview.  This was actually a refinery for several years before it was closed in 1992.  Expansion is necessary for the company and therefore it intends to move the headquarters and workers to Longview.  The entire operation will be consolidated into one area rather than having the refinery in one place and the office in another.  This streamlining approach is designed to help the company’s bottom line.

Jon Huser

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