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American Idol contestant may want to move

American Idol contestant may want to moveAmerican Idol, one of the top TV shows in America, has seen various talents with interesting pasts.  Now there is another interesting bit of news from the show.  NJ resident Jermaine Jones may want to think about a move if he truly wants to start over.  His past caught up with him last Tuesday when it was revealed that the wannabe star had a legal record not disclosed to the judges.

Legal records are no surprise when it comes to some celebrities, given the high number of drug and alcohol abuse issues celebrities have, but in this case the 25-year-old has not moved away from his past or disclosed it to the judges.  He has a history of giving incorrect names to police, narcotics links, and a few outstanding warrants in the past.  All of this has seen the young man kicked off the show, despite his ranking as one of the 13 finalists.

With such a history as this, Jones may feel more comfortable after relocating to a town no one will recognize him in.  The main point is that even American Idol contestants can have criminal records, as long as they are open about the incidents and as long as legal action has finished.  It is certain this young man will not be moving to Hollywood anytime soon; or will he?

Jon Huser

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