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Amanda Bynes in news for DUI

Amanda Bynes in news for DUIIf you enjoy spotting celebrities, then a move to LA and traveling around Hollywood will be the perfect chance for you to spot a few.  Amanda Bynes’ DUI arrest is just one thing that you have missed out on if you may not have not moved to LA yet…or kept up on the news. 

Amanda Bynes rose to fame as a teen actress in Disney movies such as What a Girl Wants, with Colin Firth, and her appearance in Hairspray.  She is now 26, but according to the photos taken during her arrest she is looking a little tired.  She was arrested at 3am on Friday after a party at Greystone Manor Club.  Unfortunately, the incident included a police car.  Thankfully no one was hurt and she is out on $5,000 bail.

Troubles among celebrities are nothing new.  Lisa Robin Kelly, who played the on screen sister of Topher Grace’s character on That ’70s Show, was also arrested recently for spousal abuse.  Relocation to LA (or staying for a visit) can mean seeing more of these troubles, or perhaps just a sighting of a star you like.  Of course that is not the main reason one should go to LA, but it is definitely a plus side in that one might be able to spot an actress or actor every once in a while.  The scenery, beaches and cultural diversity are amazing! 


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