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Advice for relocating an office

Be it large or small, moving an office involves a number of different challenges that need to be met in order for the relocation to be carried out in a successful manner.  A lot of businesses are thinking of consolidating or even downsizing their office in the current economic climate, and achieving this requires a great deal of hard work and thought.

Planning and preparation are vital to a successful office move.  There may be times when the reality is that issues with employees or confidentiality matters mean that there is not much available in the way of lead time, but as soon as you can you need to begin consulting with the relevant contractors, employees and departments. Should confidentiality be of paramount importance then you can always schedule audits and site surveys and similar initial tasks out of hours. 

Starting as early as possible may also increase the likelihood of you being able to get lower quotations. It can be time consuming and a lot of hard work trying to deal with many different individual contractors for the numerous tasks involved in the office relocation.  The great majority of office managers and facilities managers tend to end up hiring moving specialists who will be able to manage the relocation project and oversee all the different tasks involved.  The primary benefit of this is that there will just be the one point of contact between contractors and client, meaning that any alterations to plans will only need communicating the one time by the client.

Gene Salaz

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