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Access to Elevators and Loading Docks for Moving Companies

Access to the loading dock is important for any moving companyWhether it is a long distance office relocation, or a local one, moving can go smoothly or can be hampered by difficulties. The important things to consider are prior planning, organization and collaboration with staff members and your local commercial moving company, to promote a smooth transition between former office buildings to a new location.

Moving large enterprises is more logistically complex than relocating a small business, which can often carry out some of the move itself.  But with bigger organizations in large buildings, a reliable local commercial moving company is a necessity.  A large corporation will probably operate on several floors with stairwells, elevators and loading docks to navigate.  The problem arises when the company shares the premises with other companies who also need use of the stairs and elevators.

A weekend move would avoid these barriers, would prevent disruption of work for staff, and the local commercial moving company would be able to carry out their jobs efficiently, safely and without interruption.  However, if this is not possible, you will have to designate and reserve some of the elevators and loading docks, at both your current and new locations.  This must also be confirmed with your mover’s local office, they will want to know that their men will have access to elevators and loading docks in order to carry out the move.  Make sure too that the elevators are large enough to accommodate office furniture and will not be obstructed.  If your building has no elevators you must warn the movers immediately so that they can put the necessary measures in place, for example by using external lifts or cranes.  A walk-through from a professional moving consultant will be the best way to begin the office moving process.

Jon Huser

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