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A military move to Florida could be interrupted by Debby

A military move to Florida could be interrupted by DebbyTropical Storm Debby might make things difficult for the Gulf Coast of Florida and over to Texas.

Anyone who has been issued military orders for a military move to Florida might see their plans interrupted if they are heading to the Gulf Coast.  Even military moves to Texas could be interrupted, depending on where the tropical storm will reach and if it becomes a hurricane.  There is the potential for the tropical storm to turn into a hurricane and so far the storm is close to shore, but it is not yet known where it will make landfall.  In any case, whenever there are hurricanes or tropical storms combined with the need for relocation to those areas, the relocation can be interrupted.

Strong storms can create problems with flooding.  Additionally the states might make traveling difficult due to orders to cease travel into the state.  No matter what happens, any time that military personnel need to move in or out of a state where hurricanes are prevalent, they must be taken into consideration.  Hurricane season is upon us now and it will continue through until November.  For those with orders to move during the hurricane season it can mean an interruption of your plans.  You might be stuck in one place due to a storm.  You might be unable to get out of your state with any speed if traffic is in the way.  It is best to plan for weather issues before you set up the dates for your move.


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